Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy … do I have A LOT to tell you! But I will dole it out in increments so as not to overwhelm you.

In a word; travel. And travel, and travel. It’s all been fun. It’s all been good. And now, it’s good to be home and fun to be back to painting.

In a little more than three weeks I’ve been to Italy, California and Albuquerque. First stop; Florence, Italy to attend the Margaret Dyer pastel workshop which was bravissimo! We learned a lot, we were inspired by the city’s rich history and art, and after two weeks there we began to feel a part of the city. Near the end of our stay I was even thinking in simple Italian sentences and my love for the language had me wishing I could stay longer and learn more. But I can tell you that these words came easily …. “Vorrei manchare adesso,” (I want to eat now) and subsequently, “Ho mangiato come un porco!” (I ate like a pig!)

Here is a little pictorial. We toured the Pitti Palace, the Uffizi Gallery, the Vasari Corridor, the Accademia where David lives, artison studios in the Oltrarno, did a day trip to Siena, a jaunt to Fiesole, and we took an Italian cooking class. Other than that, no words necessary.


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