Michelle Wells Grant

Pastel Artist and Writer

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy … do I have A LOT to tell you! But I will dole it out in increments so as not to overwhelm you.

In a word; travel. And travel, and travel. It’s all been fun. It’s all been good. And now, it’s good to be home and fun to be back to painting.

In a little more than three weeks I’ve been to Italy, California and Albuquerque. First stop; Florence, Italy to attend the Margaret Dyer pastel workshop which was bravissimo! We learned a lot, we were inspired by the city’s rich history and art, and after two weeks there we began to feel a part of the city. Near the end of our stay I was even thinking in simple Italian sentences and my love for the language had me wishing I could stay longer and learn more. But I can tell you that these words came easily …. “Vorrei manchare adesso,” (I want to eat now) and subsequently, “Ho mangiato come un porco!” (I ate like a pig!)

Here is a little pictorial. We toured the Pitti Palace, the Uffizi Gallery, the Vasari Corridor, the Accademia where David lives, artison studios in the Oltrarno, did a day trip to Siena, a jaunt to Fiesole, and we took an Italian cooking class. Other than that, no words necessary.


IMG_9453  IMG_9758 IMG_9779 IMG_9788 IMG_9818 IMG_0334 IMG_0338

IMG_9500IMG_9376 IMG_9747 IMG_9823 IMG_9857 IMG_9939 IMG_0052 IMG_0076 11406766_1102666889750723_2861346211431128400_nIMG_9237 IMG_9329 IMG_9476 IMG_9485 IMG_9566 IMG_9970 IMG_0059 IMG_9960 IMG_0114 IMG_0120 IMG_0388

4 Responses to “Painting in Firenze!”

    • mwgrant2015

      Success! Thanks, Sherri! I didn’t post any of my paintings in this blog post but I had posted some to FB when I was actually still in Italy. I don’t want to bombard people with them all the time! I will be painting a couple of the photos you see here though, like the scooter, the man standing in that massive doorway, and the sunset bridge photo. Thanks for looking!


  1. Barbie

    I’m beginning to sense a bit of Sadism creeping into this blog. Seriously, send multiple pictures of delicious food and gorgeous scenery. What kind of torture on you inflicting on all of us poor souls who are reading this!!!!! 🙂



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Michelle Wells Grant

Pastel Artist and Writer

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