Michelle Wells Grant

Pastel Artist and Writer

California here I come, right back where ……

Last painting finished and the pastels are packed. We move in two weeks!


This painting, The Embroidery Lesson, is the last one to be painted in Texas. Many thanks to my friend and model Sally, and her sweet daughter, Ruby, for a great photo session which is providing me with wonderful material to paint from for years to come. These are the first paintings in a series I’m working on about peaceful pastimes and reflective moments. In this age of technology we tend to forget that we can spend quiet time with something other than a device in our hands. The way people used to enjoy leisure time, just a few decades ago.


Reading Eloise



…..we started from. See ya in California!

2 Responses to “California Bound!”

  1. Jane Copeland

    I’m so happy and excited for you. After all the stress of this long process that started with the merger plans, it will be wonderful for you to actually get there and get started on your new life. To be away from the heat, humidity and bugs, strolling on Manresa Beach and gazing on Moss Landing from your deck. Truthfully, I’ve been trying not to think about MY new life.  JR was always my best friend, so I’ve had few girl friends in my life, but your friendship has meant a lot to me and I’m going to miss you. But just recently I’ve started focusing on imagining a larger life – one that adds new people, places, and activities to our ongoing friendship. Who knows what the next few years will bring, but why not think about it like Christmas? What treasures might come into both of our lives?!

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    • mwgrant2015

      Jane, thank you for this lovely comment. I can’t even think about how much I will miss you! But we still have so much ahead of us … together! We will still plan lots of exciting, fun visits and trips, starting with our trip to NYC in September! You aren’t getting rid of me!



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Michelle Wells Grant

Pastel Artist and Writer

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