With the launching of my website today, I’ve taken the professional leap into a career in art. I’ve had my hand in a lot of creative endeavors over the years, but never have I felt so certain that this is what I should be doing. My commitment to this work is almost effortless, my ability to stand at the easel with colorfully smudged fingers and watch a painting emerge is a privilege, and my determination to learn and grow in this work is paramount. After my first encounter with pastels in 2011, this passion has happily spread like an uncontrollable wildfire.

Just by visiting my new website today, you are sharing in the celebration of MW Grant Art. Thank you! Here you can view available paintings, sold paintings, and find links to purchase originals and prints. This website will be the new home for my blog now. Many of you have followed my blog through the Blogger host and while I will leave that blog and all of it’s previous posts intact, I won’t be posting from there anymore. Please transition with me to this one by clicking on the “follow” button on the lower right. And I would SO love to read your comments, which you can easily post below!IMG_8212

As I launch this new website, I’m packing for Florence, Italy where I’ll spend two weeks in a pastel painting workshop under the tutelage of Margaret Dyer, the best of the best pastel artists. We go in just 5 days! I hope to continue my blog posts from Italy and would love to have you follow along. Andiamo vernice in Italia! (Let’s go paint in Italy!)